Wavsys' Quality Division functions as a distinct and separate part of the organization, independent from operational functions. That allows objective internal audits on Wavsys' performance and procedures.

Utilizing a ISO 27001 systems and processes Wavsys' Quality Division oversees:
  • Quality Systems
  • Organization
  • Calibration & Measurements
  • Incoming Material Control
  • Process Control
  • Final Control
  • General Environment
  • Security
Wavsys' Quality Division functions as a distinct and separate part of the organization

Wavsys Quality Division utilizes metrics that are SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Timely.

These metrics are tied to corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) with root cause analysis (RCA) as one of the many tools that Wavsys uses to support its quality improvement efforts. Used in a reactive mode, it prevents problems from recurring. Used in a proactive mode, it examines Wavsys' current operations and helps us to identify areas and activities that can be improved.

Wavsys operates on a company-wide, cloud-based ISO 27001 system that utilizes the latest firewall protection, intrusion detection and SSL encryption to guarantee the quality and security of our data and that of our clients and employees. All Wavsys documents are controlled within the Wavsys' Document Control Program. The file sharing system allows us to document all operations, procedures, communications, and information.

Wavsys Quality Policy:
  1. Comply with all customer and regulatory requirements
  2. Communicate to our employees and subcontractors to ensure compliance
  3. Encourage all project participants to give input and feedback into the quality plan and process to ensure the delivery of high quality services
  4. Quality objectives will be agreed to and reviewed on a regular basis to ensure solid feedback

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