This environment is developed through effective communication, to ensure that everyone in Wavsys understands the objectives of the Organization and how each individual in the company contributes to the company's values of Excellence, Commitment and Quality.

Wavsys understands the importance of recognizing the contribution of each member of staff to the success of the organization and strives to develop a positive environment in which all staff are encouraged to improve their own and others' performance.

Wavsys is committed to providing and maintaining a cooperative and productive Industrial Relations environment.

Employee skills and training are reviewed twice a year. The review includes an assessment of capabilities and shortfalls and training requirements are agreed.

Such individual assessment is preferred to a standard structured program because of the diversity of the marketplace environment and the different job skill requirements necessary for that environment.

All staff are given the training and development support opportunities to empower them to pursuit their goals.

These goals are achieved without compromising safety and/or Wavsys' Quality standards.

Legal rights of employees – Wavsys monitors changing employment law and revises its conditions of employment where necessary to ensure that all employees benefit from current legislation.

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